Monday, January 26, 2009

dream comes true

I've got permission from my parents!
oh GOD! I'm so thankfull!

United State of America! I'm coming...
can you imagine?! May until July!
i can feel it!

Mr&Mrs Kuswara are the PRECIOUS!

Monday, January 12, 2009


To intro this new year, I wanna introduce my new friend. Its name is SCRAPBOOKING :)
I'm beginner for this.
my first mission was creating scrapbooking for Alice's christmas gift 2008. (actually for my mom, in Dec 22nd ~mother's day, but I would go away from Bandung, so I did for Alice first)

I did it for about 2 hours, included running in hurry to Premier to buy glue, scissors, and other blablabla.

minutes to minutes passed, 2 hours passed,
cut cut cut, patch patch patch,


created by:Marc.Caroline

Scrapbooking is free,
Scrapbooking is heavenly,
Scrapbooking is stress-remover,

Scrapbooking is simply for creative purposes.

~and my second mission is waiting *mother's day gift 2008* better be late than nothing at all. lol.