Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Mango denim jacket, Topshop shirt, unbranded pants, Metrox necklace (made in Bali), Havaianas sandals

I Need Your Comments for Queenbeehunt Competition

Well, I just wanna ask your supports.
Because I'm one of 100 Finalists Queenbeehunt Competition.

These are my missions, please give comments for this on that link :

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Last weekend I was in J town. Yes, The crowded one!
I did many things

left to right : Erly, Febby, Me, Helena
had dinner with my lovely cousins at cork & screw
It's really nice to gather with my pretty sisters, they are cool!

left to right : Febby, Erly, Helena, Me
tried new place (Immigrant)

Lita & Me
had dinner with my happy friends (Indra, Edward, Aurel, Lita, Pepy) in Pastis

Aurel & Kiki
made surprised birthday for Kiki (Aurel's boy friend)
They are so cute :)

look at my nu haircut! (by:d'heigt)
had dinner with my daddy & brother and I missed my SourSally, so I decided to visit it with Aurel

It was really FUN!
I always miss you, guys...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Red Deadlines

Tuesday, March 24th 2009

08.00 waking up, lazy girl!
08.15 drinking Home Soy soya milk
09.15 doing some projects with Deni Dani
15.00 meeting Mr. Samuel Wirawan for the information about exchange student.
15.30 getting the PPLK-K files from 3th floor
17.00 installing the Accurate software
17.30 having a dinner
18.00 studying PPLK-K with Ricko
22.00 reading the book about interview
23.00 going to my dream island

Mood: Anxious. So many deadlines in this short time. God, can you change 1 day is more than 24 hours ?
Money Situation : Bankrupt!
Fashion Checklists : shoes, denim jacket, grey tights, floral stocking.

p.s : I tinged my nails red for tomorrow. I love it. Thx to Hanum for the nail polish.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Hey, I'm The Lively Mermaid"

I miss my home sweet home.
if you go by plane, it will take only 35minutes;
but if you go by ship, it will be a long journey... About 6 hours!
But you can see blue sea there, take a look!

Hey hey, look at him! what is he doing? who is he? mind to intro?
name : XXX (called him: Seaboy)
age : teenager
gender : poor boy
hobby : swimming and diving
fashion : i wear this shirt all the time
favourite quote : "I'm the Lively Mermaid"

The story 'll begin from here...
I'm Seaboy, The Lively Mermaid, live near seaport "Bakauheni". Swimming and diving is not only my habit but also my job! So guess what is my job?
Athlete? NOPE! Swim Coach? COME ON... hmm no idea?
Here we are, let's introduce THE COINS PICKER!

"Hey Miss, throw it! Throw it and I'll take it" said Seaboy.
And my Mom searched the coins, then threw it away to the blue sea.

"Once more, Miss! Once more!"

We also addicted to his show! So we gave him again, again, and again. He is so lively like a Mermaid Boy.

Yeah, this is Seaboy's Life. All of his life are blue. Blue sky, blue cloud, and blue sea have already become his daily view. It's like cozy in our view, but not for him. He has to work in the blue sea. He feels cold and trambles. Tired. Seaboy never give up. Seaboy rembles it. Seaboy is strong.
"Hey, I'm The Lively Mermaid"

Two hours passed...
Here you go! Bandar Lampung. My hometown.
Finally, i met you!
Let's go...

p.s : Goodbye, Seaboy! I know you can! Enjoy your live, Mermaid!"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i'm a chef!

have you ever heard about comics named "delicious"?

yes yes a pretty magic chef! there're the simply funny receipts...
i'm lovin it... I had ever tried one of them (named: cup cakes), and it worked! Believe it or not!

and now, i'm a university student who lives out of Jakarta absurd city~red. far from my family.
it forced me to learn cooking... but it's my hobby now :))

Check my results out:
  • indomie rebus/goreng, yaeyalah anak bayi jg bisa~red
  • telur mata sapi, telur dadar, telur setengah matang, hehehe
  • telur tuna ala marc.caroline
  • fried spicy beans
  • brokoli cah saos tiram , really love it~red
  • fried macaroni (the receipt is from Anita, my pals)
  • baked potato with mayonaise and cheese
  • fried rice with salted fish
pay attention:

~not a promotion

and.... VOILAAAAA!

here it is: fried macaroni !

Sunday, March 8, 2009

between happiness and fearfullness

2 days ago, I issued the ticket! imagine, what a great trip :)
Thanks GOD!
but, tomorrow is killing me!
there's mid-term test in my university..
management accounting!
God help me...
oh no, I forget! I've promised not to ask many wishes to Him!
ok, give me the best, God...
come on, Caroline!! it's same!!
ok ok ok, one more time... THANKS GOD :))