Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hey everyone! Now I'm at Ciantury's home.
Couple hours ago, I went to Red Mill, Trophy Cupcake, and University Village.
I bought a pretty journal :D

I love SUMMER!!

Here I come, Tapex!


Saturday, May 30, 2009


YEAY!! I'm here, Clairine,Jennifer,Hc,Cian,Lita,Yuping ... :D
Seattle! My first destination!

Follow my SUPER trip, from here...

p.s. pantatpegel & jetlag are interesting! :))

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kate Spade NY

I love Kate Spade New York collections.
They are not only simple but also fabulous :)gracious

mariachi kei

p.s: I bought Hunting Field black rose hijack. So happy!!
I did my first polyvore :D Check this out!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lists In My Upcoming Birthday

This is part two :))
I really really want this :

many things about THE ENGLISH ROSES!

The English Roses Books

The English Roses ~100 piece puzzle
The English Roses umbrella

ond others :D

p.s: I'm affraid of my Canada visa. Can it be on time, please?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Newsletter #6

Newsletter 6th edition is already on the UNPAR market :)
Don't miss it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Shopping

I shopped too much!
I went to new boutique in Bandung with Stevanie!
1st place:
That's Happy-go-Lucky! I'm very happy to shop here :D
It's very a cute place!

2nd place:
We got sale items, but in a good condition, these are a few of mine :)

Lemari Shop
I got this one via online shopping :)

Can't wait to wear them! XD
Quote of the day:
I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist ~Tammy Faye Bakker

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lists In My Upcoming Birthday

My birthday is coming...
Now it's time to make some wishes list :)
This is number #1 going to USA, dream comes true :) Thanks daddy and mommy!

number #2 is...

the others are coming soon :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Accidentally In Love

"Do you love pink?"
Sometimes people ask that question.
And I always deny.
"No it's only accidentally"
But now, I have a doubt.
Do I love pink?
MAY.Maybe just A LITTLE YES! Maybe A BIG NO!
I love colorful!

And should I stop this pink? No! Let it be pink :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meet and Greet Bees

Yesterday I was invited by Sunsilk Queenbee Special Screening...
dress code : black and yellow
venue : Blitz Megaplex, Grand Indonesia
It was FUN!

congratulations JessicaYamada! with SarahAyundaMahardhika!

Queenbees...with main cast TikaPutri and my fav fashion blogger DianaRikasari
The movie has so many aspects of life. It's different from another Indonesian movie. I enjoyed it. Tell your friends to go the cinema and watch this movie in June 4th!

p.s: I lost my credit card and it's found by Starbucks' staff. Thanks God, It's saved.

Gift From God

Today is Mr Andi Kuswara's birthday!
I have no idea for his gifts. Well, birthday cake is waiting for him.

His wife bought "nasi tumpeng" for his breakfast.

I sang a song for him and sent it by Blackberry voice note,

He said"Wah lagu hut nya enak" :)) Of course, just for you, daddy!

My friend told me that it's mother's day in USA.
So, I wanna say happy mother's day, Mrs Tuti Kuswara.

I sent a message "Today is mother's day in USA, I just wanna say I love you so much"

She replied " Ok thx, I love you so"

I L<3ve you so much, guys!!

God is so great!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Talk Less Do More

Tadi gue beli ayam penyet. Sekalian tanya keadaan si mas yang kecelakaan beberapa hari yang lalu gue ceritain.
Si ibu penyet langsung heboh pas liat gue.

"Ya ampun Oline, makasih banget ya kemarin. Untung ada Oline, Kalo ga gatau de mesti gimana, iya ini tulangnya patah semua -pause~SEE?!- waktu dibawa ke rumah sakit disuruh operasi tapi biayanya Rp.15.000.0000 -pause~WHAT?! itu angka nol nya ada enam biji- tapi akhirnya saya bawa ke bengkel tulang -pause~WHAT?! speechless- blablablaa..."


Tapi kabar baiknya, mas itu akan kembali seperti semula kira-kira dua minggu lagi!
Bless you :)

Ini ada orang yang betingkah dan banyak laga.
Tadi gue pesen nasi pake ayam, tahu, terong.
Nah uda gitu karena lama, gue inisiatif potong terongnya sendiri!
"Ibu, saya potong sendiri yaa terongnyaa"
"Iya iya Oline, maaf orang-orangnya baru semua, jadi ga gitu ngerti potongnya"

Nah, kali iniiiiii...
Gue lah yang dapet kecelakaan,
Ya, jari gue teriris pisau.
Makanya jadi orang jangan banyak tingkah!
Berdarah? Yaeyalah.
Tapi gue diem-diem ga bilang si ibu-nya...
Kalo gue bilang dia bisa shock lagi.
Rebet kan.

p.s: Luka gue sekarang ada 3 biji, di jari dan kaki. Pedih :(

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What A Day

Yesterday morning I was overslept and I had only one class "Management Information System" So it was day off for me :( So silly.

I told ClairineBeatriceRuntung, she said that it was the most fun thing in life and looked at the bright side: day off for you.

I told NathaliaJenniferHadi, she said "Gini kamu belajar sendiri. Ke bucks sanaa. Baca buku kejar materialnya puss. Jadi ga merasa bersalah"

WAW.Good idea. Thanks NJH <3!
Here you go!

Java Chip and Espresso Brownie with Management Accounting and papers.

My new oxford shoes was killing me, so I stepped on it! Now, I have two bandages on my foots :(

But overall, I wanna say:

"I love walking alone"
footloose and fancyfree

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Final Stage

For beginnig my lovely May, I wanna tell my fearfulness.
In this time, I'm affraid about my final tests. Next week, start from: 11st May!
This is my exams :( There are 7 subjects!
They are ...

  1. Management Accounting
  2. Accounting Information System
  3. Business Comunication
  4. Ethics
  5. Advanced Accounting
  6. Management Information System
  7. Audit
Newsletter also provides test schedules for UNPAR Accounting student :)
Grab it fast, guys!

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Yesterday, we celebrated "Hari Pendidikan Nasional"
Thanks to you, KiHajarDewantara :)

ps: FOCUS, please!

Sitting in front of my baby-vaio for hours!