Monday, August 24, 2009

I Love Market for The First Time

Have you ever seen that logo? Yes, thats The First Logo Starbucks which is found in flickr by me.
And suddenly I remember one thing, one place exactly. Have you ever heard about Public Market / Pike Place Market? That's an awesome traditional market. There's the first Starbucks Store there. Maybe these pictures will say everything. Are you ready for another God's miracle? This is it.
Rumod dress, Mom's scarf, Pull n Bear bag, Ted Baker shoes, Happy Go Lucky coat (on hand)

Eat Your Words

Today I spent my free time in my campus' library. As we knew, that place where we're looking for the silence, so we can read and focus on our books. But this is a different one, my poor campus' library doesn't have that condition. Too crowded even I had taken a seat in the corner of the wall. That was too noisy, I couldn't concentrate with my reading. Phew, but I don't give up, I'll keep on trying to be adaptable. Tomorrow let's see!
People love joking, but it had gone too far. Uncontrolled. Don't try it at home,kids!
Tittle : "Kiss This person" / Poor Lady
Where : Southcenter Mall, Seattle.
When : May 30th 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Stunning 27-years-old, IRINA LAZAREANU, she is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. How can God make this human? But I heard that she ever got kinda anorexia or something and liked kissing with her girlfriends. Such a stranger.
It's fair or not? God only knows, lol.
But I still LOVE her so much!
Hair Eyes Bust Height Waist Hips Shoe
Dark Brown 32 177 24 34 7

Fortunately, I didn't get jetlag :) On my first day, I had breakfast at Kingfish Cafe. I ordered Chick 'n Waffle. You can see by your own eyes, how interesting that food! Yes, that's a big portion! Take a look at the white flowers, so pretty! Then I met up with my friend in Seattle Downtown. We took a bus to the China Town! Hey, that's Unicorn Crepes! YUMMY! be continued

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taylor Momsen - Teen Vogue September 2009

(behind the scene)

Yes, she'll be as the cover model of Teen Vogue for this September. The pictures are taken by photographer, Patrick Demarchlier and Danielle Nussbaum. Her new look makes everyone surprised. Me too, and I love it! She also a singer of new band, Pretty Reckless. She'll bring so many effects for Hollywood.
"I kind of grew up in front of the camera: I started modeling when I was two. I was never pushed into it, but I never really chose it either. That's why music is so different for me—I've known since I was little that this is what I want to do."

Can't wait for the issue!

Almost Perfect

HELLOW YELLOW! Yes I'm in Bandung now. Back to the reality. Preparing for OSPEKKA UNPAR 2009. WELCOME to your new home, 2009! Dont forget to get more insipiration for your "back to campus" season! Enjoy!

Once there was a girl named Marcella Caroline, who had a nice life - and it was almost perfect. Life is a journey. So one day she packed up all of her things in her suitcase. The journey has already been planned since February 2009. A big gift from her parents, though. Where is the journey? Yes, The United States of America. Seattle is the first state. JKT-TAIPEI-SEATTLE,TACOMA by eva airlines. These pictures are taken from TAIPEI's airport.

to be continued...