Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Topshop Christmas '09 Collection

Photograph: Josh Olins/Topshop
source : fabsugar

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mushroom Cut, Bowl Cut, Whatsoever

Yeah I got my new hair cut! Inspired by my Irina Lazareanu. My hair becomes shorter slowly, right?! When the first time I used the shampoo for this style, i realized it's too much, lol :p Everytime I meet my friends, they ask me " Wow! How can you cut like this? Aren't you afraid to deal it? Or maybe you got brokenheart? hmm Depressed, huh?" lol Whatsoever! I like my new hair cut :D Tell me what do y'all think?

with my bff, StevaniFitriana, hmm do you think I look handsome? exactly look a like her boyfriend, huh? haha :p

Monday, October 26, 2009

Insidious Treasure

Staring at this sweety little girl"s eyes makes me wanna rewind the time when I was a child.

A young talented girl named Kathleen Basri, 7 years old. She is my beloved niece in Chicago, USA. Kathleen is Johannes and Nini's daughter. Popularly known as "Basri's Little Picasso" She loves painting, doing many girly thingy, and writing a simply "book". I thought her art blood is from her mom. I'm a fan of her mom because of her DIY scrapbooks! (psst, she's pregnant, they'll have twins.). About her dad, he is a patient person and hardworker, I hope I can be like him someday. So, check it out!

The first time we met!

Her handycraft is hanging on the door

Her simply books which are made by herself, here they are...

She love playing the piano, but actually she falls deeper in love with her keyboard :)

She loves borrowing some books from the Chicago public library

Her mom's masterpiece :

Hey look at her nails, so cute, huh? Anyway, the bracelet is made by me :) Fortunately, she likes it! Yeay!

p.s : I had so much fun in their cozy home. It feels like my home sweet home. Hope I can be there for a long timesoon! Sorry for bothering you, guys! Keep in touch, Basri Family :)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Dear Mommy,
I know I have to brush my teeth at night and use my retainer after having braces. But can you fix my molar which appears on the back on the right line?

Dear Daddy,
My blackberry is goin crazy. The charger doesn't work anymore. Can you fix it, dad?

Dear Friends,
I miss Jakarta Red Light District. But I can't go anywhere this week. Can you fix my week?

Dear Doctor,
My throat kind of hurts and I cant speak clearly. I have to strain to talk. Can you fix my body?

Dear Lecturer,
There were many times when I didn't have a memory. I have short term memory loss syndrome. Can you fix my midtest results?

Dear Mr. President,
My Indonesia is crying because of huge earthquake in Padang. Can you fix a few of broken buildings?

Dear Lord,
Life is just a bowl of cherries, but can you just fix a piece of me?

Dear little heart,
I love my life. So can I fix you, problem?