Tuesday, December 29, 2009

M Little Project

Photos by Michael Timothy
Wish me a good luck :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

For My Mom

My mom is looking for the new one, I think it's fit on her. What do ya think?

Goodbye 2009 Hello 2010 !

Did anyone realize we've almost said goodbye to 2009? But we'll say hello to 2010! Happy vacation is waiting. Macau-HK-Kuching for starting the new year and Bali for having fun. Woohoo :D I'm working on a list for the 2010 resolutions. Here they are :
1. SAVING money for getting such an obsession thingy,

2. Preparation for MBA no matter how small,

3. Internship,

4. Focus on my studies,
5. Travelling to Europe or America's East Coast,
6. Having White Christmas. Pleaseee!
7. Keep on blogging

That's all :)

p.s : For love life? hm let it be love, but I dont wanna let love lead my way.

Season Greetings

2009 is almost over
I just wanna say
Wish You Have A Merry Little Christmas

A Very Happy New Year

Get the stars in 2010

I went to the Church with my family for this Christmas and it's just full of peace :)
About my planning for The New Year Celebration is I'll do some gathering with my various friends.
We shall Have Fun Go Mad Party! Woot woot!
How about yours? Tell me :)