Friday, November 25, 2011

Love Crossing Hands

Hei friends, how's your daily life recently? Boring? Cheesy? Well, that's life.. Just let it flow or make a change. Change your feelings. You can start by loving your boring activities, then it will simply change your day. Or.. set the date. Think about the lovely destination. Then... GO!

I will show you, this is my solution... There you go.

A cup of morning tea.

Nature atmosphere.

TOPSHOP tanktop, Gaudi short, tailor-made outerwear, PARD braided necklace, Cheap Monday sunglasses.

This view.

Beautiful coral.

Crossing my hand with yours.

Btw, today is a good day. Two of my dear friends are getting married. They are Diana Rikasari (& couple) & Nonie Alexandra (& couple). Love is in the air. Wedding is one of the most special of occasions in one's life. I wish them a lifetime of togetherness, may this is the beginning of the everlasting happiness. Cheers :)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

It Just Happened

"So, what happened?"
"I don't know where to start"
"How about the beginning?"

RUBYLICIOUS collar shirt, Impromptu denim short, XXI Forever ring, ecote boots,
and the old Dooney & Bourke bag

RUBYLICIOUS collar shirt. I love it so much.
Search : "rubylicious" on facebook. Like the page, grab the item fast!

Some days were better spent on the lazy sofa, safe from the whim of fate. I had those days. Yes, my lazy time before I got my permanent job. Then it could be more perfect, if I take a sip of coffee or tea while reading my books.

This picture, in a strange way, can make me smile.

"Everything is fine. Let me take the risks. At least, I'm insured"
"Okay, Think Less, Hug More"


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Featured on November Issue @looksmagazine

If you ask me to choose between watching film at the movie and reading a book, sorry I have to choose to read my books. Not only books, but also magazine, especially fashion magazine. LOOKS magazine is one of my favorite magazine. And fortunately, I got featured on it (November issue). Thank you so much LOOKS magazine. Not because I got featured on it, but I thought LOOKS magazine has so many inspiration! I love this month's issue, because it's all about "The Dairy of Supermodel" So, go grab it fast, girls!

This is my now-reading book. Now and Not Yet by Jennifer A Marshall.
It's about making sense of single life.

What if we were blind?
What if we couldn't read?
Well, nobody is perfect.
We should enjoy our life by loving and accepting our weakness.
So, lets be grateful and count your blessings.

Happy Sunday, readers!
Spread the positive aura.
xx, @marcellacarolin :)