Monday, December 26, 2011

MARCELLA CAROLINE, xoxo, Merry Christmas.

December 25th. Red and Green. Beautiful lights. That day smell like heaven full of joy. I felt it. Christmas always makes my -long-distance-family complete. One moment. One place. I always spend my Christmas Eve with my beloved family. Hometown is the perfect place for me. I know I can't thank you enough to you, God. Sometimes, I make you disappointed, but you still love give me the best one. I know that's so pathetic.

Once, friend asked me:
"Do you always tell your stories to God with so-many-details?"
"Not really. He know everything even I dont tell him, right? Anyway, He made my stories happened"
"Well, how can you do that? Why do you discriminate Him among your best friends?"
God wanna listen my stories whereas I forced Him to just give me the solution.
Pathetic part II.

We're both just people who worry about the breaths we take, not how we breathe.
My head is too messed up to think up of a methapor to forecast what will happen next. Now I have the-everything-is-fine-smile. I never regret everything happened in my life. I let the coffee answer...
THANKS GOD! I had an extraordinary Christmas.
Faith makes all things possible. Hope makes all things work.
May all of you have both of them for this Christmas.
Sooo, once again, HAPPY CHRISTMAS readers!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Bloggers Garage Sale was held at Ninotchka Café. It’s out of my expectation. I had so much fun with Sonia Eryka, Anastasia Siantar, Lalita Tian. I was really excited about the crowd, food, atmosphere…everything. Sonia’s family is really adorable. It was really sweet when looking her father, mother, brother, and boyfriend helped each other in serving the Ninotchka’s customers. They are so lovable. So…. Thank you to buyers! Come again next year J sst.. There were some buyers came from Bogor, Jogjakarta, etc. Oh I love you guys... Really appreciate it!

December 17th 2011 was my blog’s 3rd birthday. Happy birthday to my dearest Footloose&Fancyfree. I never thought that you would be this old. Thank you for being my papers. My ears. My best friend. Lucky me, I got a very sweet surprise from my Sonia Eryka and Ninotchka Café. Red Velvet Birthday Cupcake :D :D

So, here we go...

This Chocolate Lava Cake's so yummy! Heaven...

Footloose&Fancyfree's birthday cupcake from Sonia & NINOTCHKA Cafe

Anas Siantar, Me, Lalita Tian, Sonia Eryka. Me love you, ladies..

Sonia & Audrio. Love is in the air :)
Counting my blessings… Thank you Lord!! :D
December 17th 2011 was so special…
See you when I see you, people

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life's Harmony

consistency [kənˈsɪstənsɪ] : harmony between parts of something complex; compatibility. Consistency is rare. I mean, we need to have a standard so you can determine the degree of that consistency. In a relationship, you have to maintain this thing too. It doesn't have to be rigid, but you can make it more flexible. Life is complex. So, what kind of consistency does we need? In my opinion, it's important to maintain a consistency of being peaceful and sincere.

MONSTORE sweater, MILK & HAPPINESS necklace, Asos ring, Hilly clutch, Dr. Martens boots

I wish Indonesia had four seasons. I want White Christmas. Therefore, I'm in love with this sweater from MONSTORE. I combined this outfit with my fav necklace from MILK & HAPPINESS jewelry. Its name is Bambi. Isn't it pretty cute? Just click the words, so you'll go to their website directly.

Then, I think, consistency is the key of life's harmony.

p.s. I'm featured on Fashlady magazine (November issue). Fashlady is fashion online magazine. All you have to do is clicking "Download" button.

and I have a goodnews! Holiday is coming!
So, we're inviting you to AUTUMN WIPE OUT (Bloggers Garage Sale) :D

Where is it???
Yes, Sonia Eryka's cafe. @Ninotchka.
Please kindly check the map, friends :)

See you around, people :D