Monday, February 27, 2012


Conversation with the women…

"What’s your hobby?” “Oh please, that’s rethorical question. SHOPPING is my life”
“What do you usually do when you get a broken heart?” “People said time will fix the broken heart. They just never go SHOPPING!”
“Why do I look your mom get so angry?” “As always. I charged her credit card over the limit.”

Many silly things can be the reasons for the girls to go shopping. They’re just addicted. Including me. I love travelling and shopping. Last time I went shopping to Singapore. But well, I miss Hongkong. A Heaven’s Shopaolic. How I miss exploring Hongkong Street Market such as Stanley Market, Temple Street Night Market, Ladies Market and Jade Market. Kowloon is my favorite place in Hongkong. It’s another perfect place to pick up a unique bargain and unexpected extravagance, if you know exactly where to look..

I feel that I will never get tired of doing this activity. Once my friend said “Shopping is women’s sport” That’s true! Shopping can burn your calories indirectly. And yes, sweating. But have you heard about “Emotional Sweat”? Emotional sweat appears not only when you’re hunting the stuffs but also when you’re in the emotion changing. For simple example, you’re very excited when you get the things that you really want.

Women and shopping. They can’t be separated. And I have A GOODNEWS FOR SHOPAHOLICS IN THIS WORLD. It’s REXONA SWEAT FREE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE by using its new variant, named Rexona Powder Dry. The important thing is… where to goooo, ladies?? WIN THE FREE SHOPPING PACKAGES TO HONGKONG for 10 lucky winners and 500 Charles & Keith exclusive bags.

more info: Join facebook Rexona ID

So.. what are you waiting forrr? Go find the hidden treasure in HONGKONG!

xx, @marcellacarolin

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Friday is here, ladies... People say "TGIF! (Thanks God It's Friday)" because it's few hours to enjoy their weekend. Sometimes I feel like I have no weekend. But whatever it is. Friday is always Friday. A mood-booster day. A quicky getaway sounds so good for refreshing your weekend. I want. I always love a super short getaway. Feel the freedom. Like footloose & fancyfree.

By the way, I have another reference where to spend your money. Let me introduce you, simply click TGIFashion shop, then you'll find your fave items.. Prepare for your Friday night, ladies! Chop chop! ;)

Have a wonderful Friday night, people!

Xx, @marcellacarolin, who's enjoying her Friday in the office.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Are Who We Are, Aren't We?

"The Sorrow behind your smile"
"The Love behind your anger"
"The Reason behind your silence"
For somebody who can see those things behind yours, just don't ever let him/her go..

Clara & Michelle are my diamonds...

There are positivies and negatives. We have to be grateful for the positivies in our life. But use the negatives to develop. Then look how they shine for you...
I learnt so many lessons from Clara Devi and Michelle Hendra. They have so many 'Wow' experiences and somehow I'm a proud friend of both of them. If you pay attention for these pictures, there's something of our outfit that made us connected. Yes, the lace that we wore :) We bought it special for us.
Sometimes, you feel that something doesn't make sense. It might sound silly and could not 'make a deal' with your brain. But every person is different. You just have to accept it and let it be. I believe everything happens for a reason..

I guess we are who we are for a lot reasons.
Maybe we'll never know most of them, but we can try to feel okay about them.

I'm just afraid of giving up, giving in, and letting go...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Happened to Romance, Friends?

"I don't think our feelings change, nor us, but the situations do"

Strawberry Cream Tea - Fika Restaurant, Sg.

February is a-love-is-in-the-air-month. Love is not only for your boyfriend or girlfriend, but also for your family, friends, or even strangers. Now I'm writing in couples of hours after Feb 14th 2012. Yes, Valentine's day! A day of women dreaming of sweet surprises. Well, who does celebrate it? If you do, you're blessed. But if you don't, you're more than blessed. Being alone on that day doesn't mean you will be lonely forever. 14th Feb is just one of 365 days in a year.

Singles or couples are just the same. You're not alone. The very good friends are always in your heart. Well, maybe I'm wondering who the true ones. As time goes by, I will see... I love togetherness of the friendship, except one thing : My friend's enemy is not mine. I thought that everyone has a right, right? Everyone has a path to their own happiness :)

So, I had a good times with my blogger friends. My beloved Clara Devi, Michelle Hendra and Fhenny . They are like my soulsisters! A single soul in 4 bodies. They always bring joy to my life. It's very nice to meet all of you, ladies :)

"I just need to have a faith to go through everyday and everynight"
"Ok, let me fix it"


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

True Smile

Finally, I can give my time to this blog just because I miss blogging too much. I really have no idea with the plot of my life. Well, that's should be like that. I feel I'm in limbo land. Right now, I'm stepping outside the comfort zone. I have to get out of this my-overthinking-scenario. It's soul destroying. I should have known that... that smile is mine.
Respect is one thing fading away. Too often we underestimate all the simple little things. As a simple example, the power of smile can make my day. So, I hope you always find a reason to smile :)

I really love this pattern dress. Vintage and everlasting. I love odd & dott, better you grab them fast!

odd & dot pattern dress, Asos statement ring, vintage bag and necklace, Schutz flat shoes

Start where I am.
Take the risk.
Share the joy.
-p.s. Your smile will always lead my way.
Thank you for always being there, kilo!