Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NAFA comes to Jakarta! (Singapore Education Exhibition 2012)

My future depends on my path. Then I follow wherever the knowledge goes.


Neither once nor twice, I’ve been thinking to study abroad. Learning about other cultures, making new friends, getting self-reliance and self-confidence, improving foreign language skills, and many more are the benefits of studying abroad. It’s really an interesting experience, right?
Nowadays many of my friends continue their study outside Indonesia (our home country). Then I had analyzed that Singapore is the most favorite country to study. By moving to other country and living alone, we can gain more experience. And for sure, we can stand alone. We need a long/short time to adapt, maybe we can get homesick. That’s why Indonesian choose Singapore to be destination country for studying abroad. It only takes 1,5 hours by plane.
I've always been in love with Singapore. Singapore has successfully established itself as a leading Educational Hub in South East Asia. The modern and efficient facilities are provided for students, even international students. Singapore has a conductive study environment, because the government wants to make Singapore as an educational Centre in Asia.
Then I found a very important news for you about studying abroad especially Singapore, Singapore Education Exhibition 2012. One of te participant is NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts). Well, everybody knows that NAFA is the top art institution in Singapore. NAFA offers a diverse range of well designed, industry-relevant diploma courses covering 3D Design, Arts Management & Education, Design & Media, Fine Art, Fashion Studies, Dance, Music and Theatre. Get more detaild information about NAFA at Singapore Education Exhibition 2012. Don't waste this opportunity to explore the information about various courses and academic options for you guys!

Take a look! How proud we are, that some Indonesian students has been successful in their career by studying in Singapore. One of our role models is Anindya Intan. She is from Indonesia, a fashion graduate from NAFA. Her debut collection is so spectacular and named: Scouts' Honour.

Who will be the next Anindya Intan? It may be YOU!

Note: 31st March (Saturday); Time: 2pm – 7pm ; Venue: Four Seasons Hotel (Central Jakarta)

1st April (Sunday) Time: 12pm – 6pm Venue: Hotel Santika (BSD City – Serpong Suburbs)
Come & join! I bet you will get many useful informations.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Wipe Out

One day of Spring Wipe Out was really interesting! And again, it's beyond my expectation. Ninotchka has been crowded by the girls before it's opened. Sonia Eryka is the founder of this event. I was pretty excited when shen invited me to join the Spring Wipe Out. Diana Rikasari had just joint with us. So, it's a little bit different with the last one. Lucky I was not too late to come to Ninotchka, but Anastasia Siantar always be on time. I love these girls :) They are not only famous bloggers but humble people :)

LOVE bangles by Diana Rikasari

Thank you Diana for the love bangles. I love it much <3

Thank you to all of the friendly buyers, my fellow bloggers, and Ninotchka for making this event pretty fun!
Especially big thanks to my partner for being a kind and patience person :)
Can't wait for the next month!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Issue

Hi there... March is on! How's your day? This is a hardly breathing month for me. I feel preasure and spirit at the same time. Some projects are waiting... But I feel so grateful. Now, I wanna share two magazines that I got featured of. :)

CLEO Indonesia (March issue)

The first time I shared what's my full time job :)
outfit by De Dittie

SISTER Indonesia (March issue)

for the Fashion spread...

Stylist by Bethanny Putri and Lulut.


And one more important info is....
SPRING WIPE OUT is coming soon!
Sat, March 17th, at Ninotchka Cafe.
I'm craving Ninotchka 's Choco Lava Cake..

Just don't miss it!

Well, see you on Sat! :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Woman's Silent Disease

What's the point of life, if you can't feel a happiness?
One of our everlasting happiness is a good health.
~happy healthy long life~

You don't need to face a certain direction, watch the sun, be in a certain building or wear clothes.

Asos top and ring, Hudson denim short, Melissa shoes

You can talk to your higher power whenever you want and wherever you are.

Keep a watchful eye and an open ear for solutions.

By the way, I really love statement accessories. I just can't get enough of them. But one of the most I concern is about comfortable. I never want to wear any outfit or accessories causing the body pain. Better think twice to buy your stuffs, ladies.

Women can't be separated with fashion, ain't we? But just don't be a fashion victim. Like literally. And talking about health. Sure, you have heard about osteoporosis or bone less. Yes, a disease. A woman-silent-disease. We can say like it's more common in women. It frequently occurs during menopause. One day, I found an interesting website: This is it. Osteocessories, an extraordinary accessories. No matter how fashionable they are, you would NOT want them as your next fashion items, right? It's n unique approach to make women aware about osteoporosis,huh? I'm a proud Indonesian :)

Osteocessories in Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 w/ Atiqah Hasiholan and Mesty Ariotedjo

"Nothing is what you get when you won't open yourself up to something"
You are entitled to nothing. Be thankful for your last breath and your next.
Your life, you decide!