Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally! A PC Notebook Worth Showing Off!

While I'm not a great fan of technology on the whole, I must admit that I couldn't live without my beloved laptop. It's just so extremely useful! Nowadays, it's pretty much essential  to have a laptop. Like what I'm doing right now, I use my laptop to write this post. Currently I'm using Toshiba Satellite L645, but I'm thinking to buy the new one because I wanna give this laptop to my little brother. Toshiba has become generation brand laptop for my family. So, no doubt, I'm looking for Toshiba again.

I heard a very good news about the new Toshiba product recently. It's Toshiba Satellite M840. Perfect match for Stylish People because it comes in 3 colours. They are Gold Blaze, Blue Horizon, and Pink Blush colour! What an eye catching colours! And.... it's super light! Just, 1,99kg! I can bring it everywhere ang become the spotlight.

And with Intel core 2nd gen core i3, this Toshiba New Satellite M840 is full processing power. So I have no worries to do anything with the heavy program or software to support all my activities. Toshiba New Satellite M840 is aso supported with Toshiba Resoution that instantly upscale movies for sharper images and more vibrant colours! My oh my... I'm sooo getting a Toshiba New Satellite M840!

Who said"Nothing great ever come that easy" ? Who said "A luxury and cool thing is always expensive" ? A time to say NO  to those 2 questions! Toshiba & Intel Indonesia gives  you a chance get Toshiba New Satellite M840 only IDR 1.000.000,- (with the real price of 8mio). You can just get it by queueing. It's not like what you think, guys. You don't need to literally stand up for hours, but it's an Toshiba & Intel Satellite Queue. You can get an extraordinary item by an easy way. By the way, you can do the CHECK IN through your mobile phone too! Just keep your eyes close on Toshiba Facebook Fan Page to know when the CHECK IN session will be started. Each session wi have different score. What a good deal, huh?? Don't miss it guys! Go click : HERE !!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Secret Hideaways

The gap between thinking and feeling.

Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be. And I think all anyone needs is a good adventure. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Let's do something - almost anything - differently and see what happens. :)

SARTORIAL SWEET floral short. I'm so in love with this brand!

Summer is almost here! Floral is everywhere. Go grab SARTORIAL SWEET collections to complete your awesome look!

 Reality is complex. Just slow down and let go, dude!
I hope you guys are having a wonderful adventure :D

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dear Sun,

 One day your life will flash before your eyes.
Make sure its worth watching

Dear Sun,
How can you always wake up in the early morning? You need to teach me.
How can you be strong in every second of your life? I need to learn.  

I bet, once you've ever said "Okay" but deeply inside your heart, there's a big "No". I tell you, Life is too short to make a denial. But every action that you takes, it has a good side and bad side. You just have to look for the good ones. And when you can't seem to find it.. just rely on your faith that it will re-surface.

NOONA dress, Pull n Bear stripe bag, Mango sunglasses

Our time together is just never enough.
 Ku de ta, Bali; 2012.

p.s  There are new collections of Ralph Lauren Big Pony parfume. They are 4 personalities: Sporty, Sensual, Free CLEO Indonesia choose 4 darlings of Ralph Lauren Big Pony. I'm one of the darlings. The Sensual one ;) So.. they held an event in Plaza Senayan TOMORROW. Make sure you come, there will be many surprises! :D

xx, @marcellacarolin.