Saturday, June 30, 2012

People Are Like Roses

People are like roses.
However beautiful they may look, they also have thorns that hurt.

It's been a while since the last time I blogged. My time management is kinda complicated. But, forget it Sunday is here. I'm still lying on my bed and writing this post. It's a really a blissful weekend. One question of the day. "When was the last time tou tried something new?" Yesterday morning, I tried a pilates.  I can say I love it. But my body feels the pain but I'm hoping that it'll fix my body and soul soon for the long-time period. Well, no pain no gain, right? :) Here are some pictures that I took yesterday, enjoy!

Mango sweater, Bershka skirt, XXI Forever, Rubi acessories

Expert said that roses can live forever with a proper care. Really? I don't think so..
Because the fact is we have time.
But tomorrow holds such better days. Just believe it :)
xx, @marcellacarolin

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Reflection Of You

Hello! As I told you all about Toshiba Satellite New M840, finally I really got what I wanted! Yes the Pink Blush one! This laptop really makes my days. Well, I will tell you about the reasons why I love my new laptop...

The Most Eye-Catching Color.
When I see the color of this laptop, it's simple way to boost my mood. Well, just believe it or not :)

Super Lightweight.
I can bring it whenever I go because it's only 1,99 kg! For example, when I have a meeting with my client, sure I'm not in doubt to bring my baby, M840.

My Partner.
Browsing, editing pictures, working, blog-walking and blogging are my primary activities (well, beside of eating, LOL) So, it helps me a lot. Btw, I can do multi-tasking without any problem ;)

Friend in Killing Time.
Satellite M840 is supported with Toshiba Resolution that instantly upscale the movies for sharper images and more vibrant colors! So I can watdch the movie in my own 'cinema'.

In my honest opinion, I think this laptop is kind of reflection of me. Satellite M840 is a whole package for me. Well, the most important thing is "Look around you and look for what you need". I mean, sometimes we follow our want, but actually that's not what we need. I think if you get  what you need, you will what you want indirectly. I feel Satellite M840  satisfies my need & want. I choose it without regret after buy.

If you want to see another inpired stories about 'How helpful Toshiba for our activities' so here it is... Or maybe you have your own inspired story? Just simply join "BE A SATELLITE STAR" click & watch THIS !

Photographer : Brian & Mike (DUA Photography)

xx, @marcellacarolin

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Because Judging People Is Wrong

Hello again June! It's still my month ;) Last week I did a super express getaway with my mom and dad. I really enjoyed every second that I spent with both of them. I feel really blessed to have them as my parent. My wonderwall. They always support me in bad or good times of my life. Well, here some pictures that my mom took at Changi Airport..

Topshop top, J.Crew outerwear, IMPROMPTU skirt, MiuMiu bag, Melissa shoes

I combined the monocrome colors with the bright one from IMPROMPTU.
I really love the skirt. Grab Impromptu's new collection fast!

 Casio vintage watch, antykbutyk dayak bracelet,
and my bestfriend in traveling a.k.a my PASSPORT

 I'm leaving and coming back soon...

By the way, have you heard about FAB? It's Fashion Against Bullying. Yes, we hate bullying, don't we? Fashion Against Bullying (FAB) is a social media campaign that strives to spread awareness and take a stand against fashion bullying. FAB members can take part in the campaign by sharing their confessions along with contributing their looks to help support fashion bullying victims on So this is your time to against that bullying by joining the campaign of 
This is my contribution. 
Being a minority is a privilege. Dress up like you're special..

 We judge people for judging people because judging people is wrong.
Let's make a little change from ourself
xx, @marcellacarolin

Friday, June 1, 2012

Not Today, June!

It shoudn't be today.
I wrote this post 2 days ago.
But I just posted it now.

Do you feel that time has flown so fast?
If you say "Yes" it means, you have enjoyed your life.
If "No" is your answer, i bet you have a probem. 

  h&m sweater, melissa shoes, and kate spade bag
I found the sweater with Clara Devi and Michelle Hendra when we're in Singapore.
We are so lucky because the sweaters are the last 3 pieces in the store... :D

Well, I can say this is my month (as tomorrow is my birthday ;)) Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of my life. I'm getting oder, that's not the problem. But the problem is I have time. So I have to use my time wisely.
p.s. Don't forget to mark your calender for Brightspot Market at Gandaria City 3th floor, from 7-10 June 2012. There will be so many cool stuffs. Because they are our awesome local brands... So, meet you there?

See ya soon :D
xx, @marcellacarolin