Sunday, September 30, 2012

Introducing: @wearCAROLS

Hi guys! Sunday is here.. How's your weekend so far? Well, today I'm in the mood of wearing jeans. Yeah, maybe it's been a long time since I wore my jeans. It's really comfortable! Last 2 weeks in a row, I played bowling and billiard. That was so much fun. Well, I'm a beginner for bowling game, but I'm okay with billiard. ;) I really enjoyed my weekend :D So, I will show you my yesterday's outfit.. In the end of this post, I will give a sneak peek of my surprise! Be prepare, guys...
CAROLS accessories by Marcella Caroline & RIOTSBARBIE sunglasses by Sonia Eryka
My current favorite items <3 span="span">

PICNIC blazer (as always :) ), PotMeetsPop jeans, Nikicio silk top, Michael Kors bag, and 80%20 wedges.

Let me introduce my upcoming line :) CAROLS. It's still coming soon. But, if you wanna get the most updated information please follow its twitter & instagram @wearCAROLS :D

CAROLS | follow twitter & instagram: @wearCAROLS | Facebook: CAROLS label
What do you think, guys?
xx, @marcellacarolin

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Black is Everlasting

Some may question about the importance of having the black dresses as suggested by the famous fashion guru. Until when they need the best-simple outfit for a meeting, or even just hangout with their buddies, they will never know. Basicly, I love black. Black is everlasting. Well, maybe I will give you some tips if you wanna wear your black dress :)

Black dress is really beautiful when combined with some statement accessories.
Don't be afraid, no matter shape, even curvy and anorexic, black will never fail.
If you're not comfortable with the plain black color, the lace black dress will be perfect :)
 Knowing that the collar which best for you,
I recommend V neck for curvy shape, and round collar for the anorexic model.
(No offense, they are just some extreme examples. )
So, let me try my new black dress from PICNIC.

PICNIC black dress & high heel boots; H&M bangle.

I know, some of you think that Black is boring. I wear the black dress combined with an unique stocking and leather high heel boots. So, my outfit won't be that bored. It's a kind of a playful outfit, isn't it? :)

Always remember, fashion has no rule, all you need  is some innovation on your side ;)
p.s. I was just featured on two Indonesia magazines with my beloved blogger fellas.
AMICA | September issue.
COSMOGIRL | September issue.
Just remind you about my surprise for you all next month, the next clue is "Rare and Limited Things".. So, please figure IT out and wait until next month :D
xx, @marcellacarolin

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just Wait & See

Hello everyone! I think I wanna do a very quick outfit post!
By the way, how's life guys? I had a fun getaway with my bestfriend last week.
Then Monday came, I had to face the reality! Yes, working like a horse!

I fell in love at the first sight when I saw this floral pattern. I got this shirt from Paris.

 Venilla Suite glass heels. I feel like Cinderella ;)

p.s. There will be a surprise for you guys... What? Still a secret. But I'll give you some clues on my next posts :) When? Hmm, probably next month! Hopefully ;) Well, I'm so excited... Just wait and see, okay? :)
Don't stop dreaming because we are the dream catchers..
xx, @marcellacarolin