Sunday, October 21, 2012

Let The Good Times Roll

Yes, I've felt guilty for not updating my blog since 3 weeks ago. Even I forgot my bestfriend's birthday. My God, I feel so bad.. I think I have to fix my time management. Hope everything is going to be fine by tomorrow. This weekend I'm going to Melbourne ,visiting my dearest Michelle Hendra, and Sydney for our quick getaway. So, let the good times roll... I love solo traveling. I just think, when you travel alone, you are open to whatever may happen. You can follow any path you choose. I love the fact that solo traveling means the world opens like a blossom and allows for so many experiences. Please Saturday come faster :D

So, again, do you have any recommended places in Melbourne and Sydney, guys?

Take a look my Sunday's outfit,

wearCAROLS collar tips, HARMONIE top, Nikicio knitted short, Hilly vintage clutch, Puzzle flat shoes

By the way, I just had a photo-session at the unfamous NINOTCHKA cafe (the owner is: the one and only my beloved Sonia Eryka) It's my pleasure that I could be a model of Ninotchka cafe. Can't wait for the result!