Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa is Coming to Town!

Lovely Inspiredbyluce-by-Clara-Devi headpiece.

Welcome back, Sunday! I just feel Sunday is a perfect day without thinking that tomorrow is Monday, right? Well, in the last 2 weeks in a row, two of my childhood friends just git married. I'm very happy. Time is ticking so fast. Last week I became a bridesmaid of the pretty bride, my bestfriend. There were so many things happened, one of them was I missed my flight, whereas that was the last flight of the day and I had to be in the bride's side early morning. I can say last week was one of the most tiring day but it was worth it because I can see my bestfriend's smile :)
Nowadays, I don't know why, I love to wear any kind of headpiece. Maybe it's because the-wedding-syndrome? Ha ha.

My knitted top bought in Melbourne's vintage store

My Gogirl Journal 2013! As I told you before, this is another journal that I bring everywhere.
Gogirl Magazine (December issue) gives two lovely journal as the free gifts.
What a very good deal! So grab them fast, guys! :D

Fendi flat shoes. Love the color!

So.. Because tomorrow is CAROLSLETTERS' 4th BIRTHDAY and Christmas is coming,
I think I wanna be the Santa. It means..
The rule is still the same with my last giveaway:
1. Follow my blog and twitter [ @marcellacarolin and @wearCAROLS ]
2. Write your comment & your authorized email
3. Tweet "I just joined CAROLSLETTERS x @wearCAROLS GIVEAWAY by @marcellacarolin"
 The 3 lucky participants will get collar tips from @wearCAROLS ;) It's pretty easy right?

And.. there will be AUTUMN WIPE OUT at @NINOTCHKA_JKT ! Let's do Christmas shopping ;) Sonia Eryka, Anastasia Siantar, Cindy Biantoro, Clara Devi, Sabila Anata and me will be waiting for you on December 22nd, (1pm - 8pm)!

See you soon, ladies :)

xx, @marcellacarolin

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mysterious Way To Begin A New Journal

“Isn't it mysterious to begin a new journal like this? I can run my fingers through the fresh clean pages but I cannot guess what the writing on them will be.” 
~ Maud Hart Lovelace


2012 will be ending soon. Every year I usually buy an agenda or journal to welcome a new year. For this year, my choice goes to Gogirl Journal. Yes, you can get it from Gogirl! Magazine (December issue). I feel so lucky to get this journal because people say that this journal has become so rare. Look at the cover :)

PICNIC dress, Marni x H&M necklace, flower clip and collar are wore as headpiece.

My beloved Gogirl Journal :)

I still love a traditional method, like writing all my needs, to-do-list, etc on my journal. I bring the journal everywhere, that's why it's really important for me. What about you? Anyway I love the colors of my journal. Actually I have the other one with the different cover. I'll show you on the next post, okay? :)

xx, @marcellacarolin

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Find the Beauty of Jogjakarta

The next destination of our #Batikday trip is Jogjakarta.
Please see the pictures to feel our excitement :D

at Keraton Jogjakarta, The Imperial House.
  Sonia met her new friend :)

Yes we went to one of the miracles in the world, Borobudur Temple :)

After had a long journey, we had a wonderful treatment in Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa in Hotel Sheraton Jogjakarta. I can say this was one of my favorite activites during the trip :D You must try!

 Make sure you come to Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa if you visit Jogjakarta!

 The pretty one, Christina. How I miss her! By the way, this picture was taken at the original Taman Sari Water Castle. It is Keraton's beautiful garden which has a bathing area, the concubines would bathe while waiting for the Sultan choose one of them.

at Malioboro :D I miss these crazy girls!

We did a Masangin ritual,  (Myth) if you can go between the banyan trees with your eyes closed, it means you have a pure heart or your wish would be came true. Among our friends, I'm the only one who can make it! :D Yeay!

Ramayana Dance, they are so talented!

When we were in Prambanan temple, there were two lovely girls came to us and gave cute "Handmade Batik Moustache" Ah, they are too sweet :)

Well, pictures tell everything! I really enjoy my #Batikday trip! I feel blessed :)
xx, @marcellacarolin