Friday, January 11, 2013

Late Hello Early Goodbye

Finally my first post in 2013! I had my New Year in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore with my beloved family. Here we go, 2013! New journey of us! I haven't made any resolution before, but let me do it right now.
Eat healthy and exercise regularly. (Oh man, this is so hard!)
Save more $$$
Get double-job-promotion
Better work/life balance
Read and blog more
Travel more

 I'm wearing AYEDENIM jeans, GOWIGASA top and bag, Picnic shoes, Holga camera. 

Love this black skull bag from GOWIGASA!

It's very seldom for me to wear a long denim. But if I feel in the mood of wearing denim, I pick my Opus Dei by AYE! Denim. I find it comfortable. And it's surprised me that Opus Dei just fit me how I want it to especially the length of the jeans. No regret! :D

Then I'll give you some pictures of our last AUTUMN WIPE OUT at @NINOTCHKA_JKT. I met with my lovely girls Sonia Eryka, Anastasia Siantar, Clara Devi, and CIndy Biantoro. They just made my weekend perfect. Thanks to friendly buyers too, I feel blessed :D

Inspiredbyluce - Clara Devi
Sonia Eryka's vintage cameras!
Last but not least, HAPPY BELATED CHRISTMAS from us! :)

Some photos are captured by Sonia Eryka, thanks doll, for letting me steal your photos :)

Congratulations to my lucky readers:
Joscelyn Kim
Putri Soe
Melda Auditia
Please kindly send a message to : :) then wait for the surprises from me & @wearCAROLS 

p.s. I know it's super late post, but I hope you understand because my work is kinda exploded. Hope all is well :)

xx, Marcella Caroline


Joscelyn Kim said...

OMG I'm the lucky one!! :'D
Thank you so much!

Xx <3

Sesilia Anastasia said...

so cute! <3 your outfit and I hope your wish this year will come true!

anasgch said...

Happy new year kak! :D
seems you have a great time in Singapore! :D


g.ta said...

love your outfit..pretty!! =`)


Lisshandra Tanata said...

loving the casual look ci <3 the boots are super edgy, and the top is super cute! the jeans also look perfect on you <3 you look simple but stunning at the same time! xx

~Wonderful StyLe~ said...

your camera looks like lomo, is that has a function like lomo?

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Mitha Komala said...

love the galaxy top, you look stunning! happy new year ci Olin! <3

Letters To Juliet


Yes it's lomo camera :)

Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...

love the photos here

Cindy Karmoko said...

moyiiin it's been awhile since i visit your blog, semangat ya kerjanya kamu ahahhaha.i wish i could attend the wipeout T__T hope to see you in 5 more months miss you so much!

Aloysia Adinda Nareswari said...

i really want to attend the wipeout but i can't-_- all photos are really nice, and i love how you combined those outfits!

Miss Aa said...

pretty style :)

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Paulyne Alfinta said...

You look so gorgeous <3

visit my blog if you have time:)
and, I'm holding giveaway!

Calais Wu said...

love that boots!
if you are searching for gorgeous stuff, i usually find at:
i've seen some boots like that at misyelle :)

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